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Micro Hole Machine Tool for High Pressure Common Rail

The common rail technology refers to an oil supply method to separate the generation of injection pressure and the injection process during the close loop system made up of the high pressure oil pump, the pressure sensor and ECU. It blazed a new trail to reduce the emission and noise of the diesel engine.

Currently, several main common rail injection system manufacturers including Bosch and Siemens from Germany, Delphi from USA and Denso from Japan basically monopolize the electronically controlled common rail system of diesel engines in the world. The electronically controlled common rail system is a core technology which is most difficult and most advanced in the global automobile field. It is a commanding height for which international automobile giants are fighting. Whoever masters the technology will gain the initiative for future automobile development.

The electronically controlled high pressure common rail system is a product that integrates computer and high precision machinery. It mainly combines the following precision machining technology: the precision machining and matching technology of the central hole end face of precision couplings; the technology of precision micro orifice and throttling orifice machining; the technology of thermal treatment and surface treatment for precision coupling; the technology of deburring and cleaness control for precision parts; the technology of high pressure common rail system integration, assembly and commissioning; the technology of high pressure common rail system testing.

The control valve, one of the core parts of the high pressure common rail system has two stepped holes in need of EDM, the hole diameter 0.2~0.3mm and the hole depth about 2mm. As normal processes are very difficult in machining and poor in coaxiality. In light of the part characteristics, we have specially developed a special small hole machine tool equipped with two electric machining unit which can complete two hole machining after one positioning and clamping so as to ensure the coaxiality of the two holes.