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Industry and solutions

Automotive and Electronic Die

Other Automobile Parts Die

Motor Core Die Performance

We have provided over 20 sets of motor core dies to customers including Tianjin Denso, Huayi Compressor, Guiyang Wanjiang and Welling Holding, which are mainly used for the core punching of automobile micromotors and compressors.





EGR Oil Cooler Die Performance

EGR: it is a technology to separate part of the gas discharged after the combustion of internal combustion engine and guide the gas into the air inlet side to reignite it. The main purpose is to reduce the NOx in the exhaust gas and raise fuel consumption ratio while sharing part of the load. The cooler plays an essential role in the EGR system as it can potentially stabilize the operation of a diesel engine throught the control of recycled exhaust gas temperature.​

We have developed precision punching dies of 4 core EGR cooler parts to replace imported parts for Tokyo Radiator (Wuxi) Taerji Company.



Timing Chain Die Performance

Timing bel/chain is an important part of the engine’s gas distribution system and ensure the accuracy of gas intake and discharge via the connection with the crank and certain transmission ratio support.

We have provided BorgWarner with unique punching dies for Morse chains.