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Employee News

Micro Research Family Day 2017

Micro Research Family Day 2017 was held on 19th August at Micro Research’s facility in Wuxi. The theme ofthe Family Day for this year is“Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and fill Micro Research with love”. Nearly 200 Micro Research employees and their families as well as poor children subsidized by our labor union came to celebrate this annual event, having a great day with lots of fun and activities together.


After participants signed on the welcome wall, Ms. Leiming Cai, the Chairwoman of Micro Research and representative of Council of Micro Fund, delivered a speechto express her sincere appreciation to all the families of our employees for their continued support and understanding, which is essential to lift Micro Research up to a new level. Children of our employees, who are called the “2nd Micro Generation”, that will enter high school and university from this September were awarded scholarships in the welcome party and were inspired to study as hard as their parents in their new pages of lives. 


Our employees and their families took part in a variety of games and activities afterthe welcome party to enjoy a relaxing and happy moment. The climax of the day happened during lunch buffets and cake-cutting ceremony, which not only bought warmth and joy to the participants but also improved parent-child relationship through this happy reunion.


In addition to different kinds of games and gifts, Micro Research specially invited Mr. Hong Zhang, who is a psychological consultant, to host a workshop for parents about how to handle education problems in parent-child relationship. The guidance provided by Mr. Zhang was illustrated in vivid examples and simple language which enlightened parents to a great extent. 


We also invited the inheritor of Huishan clay figurines, Mr. Yongqing Zhou, and students from Special Education School to celebrate the Family Day with us. Mr. Zhou lectured on the history of Huishan clay figurines combing theories and practice and instructed in person the children of our employees, the “2nd Micro Generation”, and disabled students on site how to make clay figurines.All of the participants were infected by his artisan spirit. The dance performance, “a grateful heart”, presented by students of Special Education School,well moved our “2nd Micro Generation”and made them become more appreciative to their parents and what they have.

We are looking forward to the next Family Day in 2018!