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Company News

Our engineer is awarded the title of “the Most Beautiful Young Craftsman”

In November 2017, Mr. Wenhong Jiang, who is the die engineer of our Engineering Department, outperformed in the competition of “Outstanding Young Craftsman” andwas honoured with the title of “the Excellent Craftsman of Wuxi City”. 


Mr. Jiang joined Micro Research in 2002 and has been engaged in die commissioning since then. Through many years of diligent research, he has mastered a variety of sophisticated skills in die commissioning including forming of diversified materials, debugging dies of thinning and extruding, high re-flare, high drawing and arc fins. Moreover, he draws on his expertise and experience to make innovation and improvement repeatedly at work.


Mr. Jiang is always strict with his work and pursues excellence and perfection all the time, especially when he goes abroadfor die commissioning. “Our products are exported to overseas high-end market given that many domestic technologies nowadays are comparable to international standards. When we work abroad, we feel proud when we receive compliments from overseas clients. It is like we are winning honours for our country”, said Mr. Jiang.


“To inherit the spirit of the craftsman and carry forward the qualities of China” is not only Mr. Jiang’s belief but also what he is pursuing for constantly.