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Company News

Walk for Cultural Promotion of Micro Research” is successfully held

On April 22, 2018, more than a hundred of employees and their families of Micro Research attended the hiking activity of “Walk for Cultural Promotion of Micro Research”. The event was kicked off in the drizzle and our joy and laughter.

Starting from Lingshan Giant Buddha, we hiked along the west of Lingshan and ended at the beautiful Longtouzhu Park, which is 12 kilometres away. The attendees were divided into 7 groups in the hiking competition.We designed a Q&A contest about Micro Research’s company culture at the end point of the hike, which is beneficial to strengthen the spirit of teamwork and competition. The winning group would be the one whose members all arrived at the end pointand answered all the questions set in the contest related to the company culture correctly within the shortest time. This activity is a test of our employee’s perseverance and team spirit.

Along the walk, we encouraged and took care of each other and the kids of our employees sang and laughed all the way, which reflects harmonious relations among all of us.


After nearly 2-hour of competition, team No.1 of Production Line and team of photovoltaic branch won the 1st and 2nd place respectively.

This hiking activity has built up our will and cultivated our confidence, from which we re-recognized our potentiality. By memorizing Micro Research’s company culture, our sense of belonging to Micro Research and the willingness of devoting ourselves to Micro Research have been strengthened. Everyone who participated this outdoor event stood up to the challenge of the hiking competition and had the opportunity to breathe fresh air. Also through this event, friendship between colleagues has been enhanced and the vigorous spirit of Micro Research has been demonstrated.