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Company News

Annual fundraising event of “Microfund” is successfully held

On the morning of June 14, 2018, Micro Research’s management team with the representatives of employees took participate in the grand opening of annual fundraising event of “Microfund”. At the opening and donation ceremony, the management team and employees of various departments contributed to “Microfund” enthusiastically.

Ms. Leiming Cai, Chairwoman of Micro Research and “Microfund”, at the opening ceremony said, “Each employee’s contribution will ultimately be rewarded by ‘Microfund’. ‘Microfund’ will spread love and care to every employee as we always do through purchase of insurance for employees and their families, providing scholarships to children of our employees, subsidizing employees who are in difficulty.” Furthermore, as a socially responsible company, besides supporting our own employees, “Microfund” aims at helping other people in need in society as well. The employee representative from Quality Assurance Department delivered a speed to express the sincere gratitude towards “Microfund”.

During the ceremony, Ms. Leiming Cai donated schoolbags and stationeries to our employees’ children who will enter kindergartens and elementary schools in this year.

The charity sale and auctions were carried out by all company’s departments during the lunch break in two consecutive days from June 14 to 15. All money raised has been donated to “Microfund”, which brought a successfully conclusion for the fundraising event this year.