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Company News

2018 Semi-annual Summing-up Meeting of Micro Research Group is held

On July 12th, 2018, 2018 Semi-annual Summing-up Meeting of Micro Research Group was held at Wuxi Micro Research’s facility. Ms. Leiming Cai, the Chairwoman of Micro Research Group, and more than 400 employees of Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd., Wuxi Micro Research Forming Technology Co., Ltd., Microscopic Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. and Gagetec Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. attended this meeting.

Ms. Leiming Cai delivered the Semi-annual Work Report of 2018 in the meeting. In the first half of 2018, we have maintained business growth in the tough market conditions. To keep our footing in the grim economic situation, we should work shoulder to shoulder to seize the market opportunities in the second half of the year, turning pressure into motivation to achieve this year’s business targets.

It has emerged a group of outstanding individuals and advanced collective in tremendous pressure of production. Ms. Leiming Cai presented employees, who won in “The Third Artisan Cup Skills Competition”, with trophies and certificate, and the advanced collective of the first half of 2018 with medals.