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Company News

Micro Research take participate in CR Expo 2019

The 30th China Refrigeration Exhibition kicked off on 9th April, 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Ms. Leiming Cai, the Chairwoman of our company, led the technical team and sales team to participate in the CR 2019, jointly with C.M.S.

Micro Research brought a high-speed high-precision fin die with a large number of rows for display this year. The high performance of this fin die has attracted hundreds of well-known global air conditioning and heat exchanger manufactures to visit our booth.

During the exhibition, we received many international customers and our technical experts answered a variety of technical and business inquires on the site. We have won customers’ recognition with our expertise and reached numbers of co-operation agreements.

Since the strategic alliance with CMS was formed, with our synergies, we have been able to manufacture higher efficient and more stable machineries and create better experience for our customers, in international exhibitions as well as overseas business.

with our expertise and reached numbers of co-operation agreements.