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Air Conditioning Fin Die

Special Air Conditioning Fin Die
  • Key Parameters
  • Number of Rows: 8 rows, 12 rows, 18 rows or customized;
    Fin Material: Aluminium Foil, Copper Foil, and Steel Foil
    Shape of Fins: V-waffle, sine-wave, louver, lance on wave, louver on wave, pitting forming, moire forming, forming by electrical heating holes, star burst or customized.
    Diameters of fin holes: Φ12.7mm, Φ15.88mm, Φ20mm, Φ25mm or customized.
    Pitch: 31.75mm, 38.1mm, 50mm, 70mm and etc.
    Row Pitch: 27.5mm, 33mm, 50mm, 55mm and etc.
    Feeding Progression: 1-progression and 2-progression.


  • Die Material and Service Life:
  • To ensure the initial grinding life of blanking parts, materials used for blanking parts are powder metallurgy alloy steel imported from abroad.
    Materials of other core plates are pre-hardened steel that is hard-wearing.
    Materials of ironing parts are cemented carbide.
    Punching speed ranges from 200 – 250 strokes per minute (SPM).
    Fin holes are arranged mainly in staggered and parallel layout.
    The tonnage capacity of press matched with dies is beyond 45 tons in general. Tonnage capacity of domestic press usually is 60 tons, 100 tons and 125 tons while the tonnage capacity of imported ones is 60 tons, 80 tons or 100 tons.