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Timing Chain Die

  Product Profile: the chain die is a precision die for the mass production of high-speed fine blanking chain sheets. The structural space advantage of the chain makes compact engine design possible. The new generation tooth design reduces the chance of slippage phenomenon. It has outstanding characteristics of low noise and low friction resistance. It also boasts of high fatigue strength and, low friction inertia.


Application Scope: the timing belt of the automobile engine will wear out or age, normally in need of replacement after 6-8 km drive. The replacement price is about RMB4000 to RMB5000. Compared to the timing belt drive mode, the chain drive mode has reliable drive and good durability and can save space. The timing belt is mainly used to drive the gas distribution mechanism and open or close the intake valve or the exhaust valve of the engine at appropriate time so as to ensure the engine cylinder can intake and discharge gas normally. The timing chain is normally free from maintenance in its service life which is the same as that of the engine.