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Motor Core Die

The iron core (magnetic core) plays a critical role in the whole motor. It is used to increase the magnetic flux of the inductance coil to realize the maximum conversion of electromagnetic power. The iron core of the motor is usually composed of a stator and a rotor. The stator is normally the part that doesn’t rotate while the rotor is embedded in the inner part of the stator.


For a finished product of motor, the iron core is an essential accessory. In order to enhance the overall motor performance, the performance of the motor core needs to be improved. Usually, the performance can be enhanced by improving the material of the iron core punching sheet, adjusting the magnetic permeability of the material and controlling the iron loss. A good motor core needs a precision punching die, adoption of the automatic riveting process and press of high precision puncher. In this way, the plane completeness can be ensured to the maximum degree as well as the product precision.


In normal cases, good quality motor core uses above-mentioned process of punching. Only The high precision progressive punching die together with the high speed puncher and excellent professional production staff can guarantee the yield of good motor core.


The motor core has wide application scope including the wide use in the stepping motor, AC/DC motor, speed reducing motor, outer rotor motor, shaded pole motor and synchronous /asynchronous motor.


We have developed 26 motor core dies. Our main customers include Tianjin Denso, Little Swan, Zhejiang JEAMO, Huayi Compressor, Guiyang Wangjiang, Welling Holding, A.O. Smith. Our products are mainly used in the fields of air conditioning compressor and automobile micromotor.