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Automobile Stamping Parts

High-end Vehicle Seat Slide

The seat slide is a most important parts of the seat assembly. It contains high technology with patent protection. It is not just an important functional part but also a safety part for automobiles.Working with the manual lock unit, the seat slide can realize the manual adjustment of seat in the horizontal direction; working with buttons and a drive motor, the seat slide can realize the automatic adjustment of seat in the horizontal direction. Among all seat safety performance indicators , the seat slide needs to withstand the static tensile force of 24kN above and must ensure balanced loads when the slide is under the forces of all directions including front pressure and side pull without disabling the function. This raises extremely high demand for the design of slide section shape and slide material (the tensile strength needs to reach over 600MPa) Another technical problem is posed by the slide manufacture technology as the manufacturer is required to have very high large scale precision molds and punchers.